Sentence Examples with the word defiantly

Each of the vegetable folks bore a branch covered with sharp thorns, which was thrust defiantly toward the horse, the kitten and the piglets.

Bothwell, with a troop of fifty men, rode through Edinburgh defiantly denouncing vengeance on his concealed accusers.

During the whole time the British flag flew defiantly on the roof of the residency.

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Rome was successful in some minor negotiations with Savoy, Genoa, Tuscany and Naples; but Venice, under the leadership of Paolo Sarpi, proved unbending under ban and interdict: the state defiantly upheld its sovereign rights, kept most of the clergy at their posts, and expelled the recalcitrant Jesuits.

She met his gaze defiantly for a moment longer, but he made no attempt to argue.

She stared up at him defiantly ignoring his reference to the countless nonexistent suitors.