Sentence Examples with the word defiant

The first few days of his reign - when he paid his uncle's debts, administered justice in person, and proclaimed universal religious toleration - gave bright promise, but in the face of the lawless aristocracy and defiant governors of provinces he effected few subsequent reforms. The most important event of his reign was the invasion of Italy by the Lombards, who, entering in 568, under Alboin, in a few years made themselves masters of nearly the entire country.

Anything more defiant and exasperating than this could not well have been said.

Not only were numbers of his own people wantonly slain (Cetywayo returning defiant messages to the governor of Natal when remonstrated with), and the military system of Chaka and Dingaan strengthened, but he had a feud with the Transvaal Boers as to the possession of the territory between the Buffalo and Pongola rivers, and encouraged the chief Sikukuni (Secocoeni) in his struggle against the Boers.

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He maintained a defiant attitude towards (996Germany; increased his heritage; strengthened his 1031).

In Italy the defiant attitude of Popes Gregory II.

She'd gone from defiant to yielding in the space of a single kiss.

He wasn't sure if he should be angry at her defiant insubordination or amused by it.

If he channeled that fire, he might find he liked her defiant passion.

By his condemnation of Gallicanism (1613) Paul angered France, and provoked the defiant declaration of the states general of 1614 that the king held his crown from God alone.

The immediate effect was that Mehemet Ali, confident of French assistance, maintained a defiant attitude.