Sentence Examples with the word defensible

Henry's demands were more defensible in substance than might be supposed from the manner in which he pressed them on the bishops.

As to the marquess, his use of lettres de cachet is perfectly defensible on the theory of lettres de cachet, and Mirabeau, if any son, surely deserved such correction.

Almost immediately afterwards an agitation of a still less defensible character broke out in various towns under the guise of anti-clericalism.

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The surrender of Elbing and Marienburg placed Gustavus in possession of the fertile and easily defensible delta of the Vistula, which he treated as a permanent conquest, making Axel Oxenstjerna its first governorgeneral.

The provinces were unsettled, the barbarians on the borders restless and menacing, and Hadrian wisely judged that the old limits of Augustus afforded the most defensible frontier.

No one who reads his private correspondence will admit that even his least defensible acts were dictated by dishonourable motives.

The assertion of Mommsen that the Tigris was a more defensible frontier than the desert line which separated the Parthian from the Roman Empire can hardly be accepted.

The fertile and easily defensible delta of the Vistula was now occupied and Gustavus treated it as a permanent conquest, making his great minister Axel Oxenstjerna its first governor-general.

To occupy the one defensible position in the station, the magazine by the river with its vast military stores and its substantial masonry walls, would have involved steps which Wheeler regarded as certain to precipitate an outbreak.

The Church of Rome has discouraged these daring tactics in favour of the more cautious and probably more defensible positions of Aquinas.