Sentence Examples with the word defective

The pieces of glass are then examined for the detection of the grosser defects, and obviously defective pieces are rejected.

The improper use of engraving is to hide defective material.

The Christian population, who in common with their Mussul- Macedo ' 'Questio man fellow subjects suffered from the defective methods of government of their rulers, had at least before them the example of their brethren - Greeks, Bulgarians or Servians - dwelling in independent kingdoms under Christian governments on the other side of the frontier.

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He soon retired from the public service; he conceived a great distaste for it, and had shown himself defective in discipline and regularity.

The method employed by Maclaurin has been thought not sufficiently rigorous; and that of John Bernoulli is, in the opinion of Lagrange, defective in clearness and precision.

Natural gas is largely used in the United States, and for some time, owing to defective methods of storage, delivery and consumption, great waste occurred.

The gardener aims usually at producing stout, robust, short-jointed stems, instead of long lanky growths defective in woody tissue.

With much of the essay he entirely agreed, but he thought the exposition in so many ways defective and calculated to create an erroneous impression, that he prefaced it with a short paper On the Grounds of our Belief in a Divine Government of the Universe, in which God is defined as the moral order of the universe, the eternal law of right which is the foundation of all our being.

The cubes fall from the cutting machine on to a riddling machine, which separates those which are defective in size from the rest.

The size of the boiler may be increased or diminished by the addition or subtraction of one or more sections; these, being simple in design, are easily fitted together, and should a section become defective it is a simple matter to insert a new one in its place.