Sentence Examples with the word deduct

Calippus, Therefore, Proposed To Quadruple The Period Of Meton, And Deduct One Day At The End Of That Time By Changing One Of The Full Months Into A Deficient Month.

If the year is after Christ, and the event took place in one of the first six months of the Olympic year, that is to say, between July and January, we must subtract 776 from the number of the Olympic year to find the corresponding year of our era; but if it took place in one of the last six months of the Olympic year, or between January and July, we must deduct 777.

The most scientific procedure, however, is to calculate the probable earnings of the immigrant during the rest of his lifetime, and deduct therefrom his expenses of living.

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In the above case we should deduct with II 0 the equivalent amount of carbon 5.5 C, thus obtaining the residue 6.5 C and 22 H.

It remained the wife's for life, descending to her children, if any; otherwise returning to her family, when the husband could deduct the bride-price if it had not been given to her, or return it, if it had.

According to Welter's rule, we deduct II 0 with the equivalent amount of hydrogen, namely, 22 H, and are left with the residue 12 C, the heat of combustion of which is 1131600 cal.

This rate is made upon the occupier and not upon the landlord, and the occupier is not entitled, save in a few specified cases, to deduct any of the rate from his rent.

With all reverence, an historical student has to deduct something from both these statements.