Sentence Examples with the word decorate

Ancient flags captured in war decorate the walls, and in the middle of the.

In this manner a farmer's wife will often decorate herself with her entire dowry.

This was a battle-piece to decorate one of the walls of the new councilhall in the palace of the signory.

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They had lost some 2 500 killed, amongst them Gournay and Berbier du Metz, the chief of artillery, the Allies twice as many, as well as 48 guns, and Luxemburg was able to send 150 colours and standards to decorate NotreDame.

Lion skins belong to the emperor, but the slayer keeps a strip to decorate his shield.

Lighted candles certainly continued to decorate the holy table in Queen Elizabeth's chapel, to the scandal of Protestant zealots.

He'd never seen art of this kind, only the statues of his father's court and the multi-hued strands used to decorate homes.

Only with the utmost difficulty could Sophia get the young tsar Peter to decorate the defeated commander-in-chief as if he had returned a victor.

Just as it is the custom of French people, of all ranks and creeds, to decorate the graves of their dead on the jour des morts, so in Germany the people stream to the grave-yards once a year with offerings of flowers.

Morris worked with feverish energy, and on finishing the portion assigned to him proceeded to decorate the roof.