Sentence Examples with the word declivity

A better idea of this region is conveyed by the native name Altos, or highlands, although that term includes the northern declivity of the Sierra Madre.

The eastern declivity of the central Apennines towards the Adriatic is far less interesting and varied than the western.

They not only indicate the height of the land, but also enable us to compute the declivity of the mountain slopes; and if minor features of ground lying between two contours - such as ravines, as also rocky precipices and glaciers - are indicated, as is done on the Siegfried atlas of Switzerland, they fully meet the requirements of the scientific man, the engineer and the mountain-climber.

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The western declivity is abrupt, the land at the base of the hills being but slightly raised above the level of the sea.

Gueret, a town of central France, capital of the department of Creuse, situated on a mountain declivity 48 m.

In altitude; the mean elevation is probably less than 2000 ft.; the declivity is sheer towards the lakes, and gradual towards the Caribbean.

By this method the slopes are indicated by strokes or hachures crossing the contour lines at right angles, in the direction of flowing water, and varying in thickness according to the degree of declivity they represent (cf.

Our columns ought to have begun to appear on an open declivity to his right.

On the west the coast is mostly either a steep rocky declivity or a sea-wall, though strips of lower ground are found in the bays.

The gentle declivity of the surface and the porous character of the prevailing sandstone formation render the drainage excellent.