Sentence Examples with the word declarations

Agreements, declarations and non-contentious cases are usually witnessed by one judge and twelve elders.

The Anglo-Russian Convention, signed on the 31st of August 1907, contained the following important declarations with regard to Afghanistan.

Subsequent declarations in 187 2 and 1891 have served both to record progress and to stimulate to new effort.

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He re-examined his convictions about justifying faith and whether they did lead to his declarations about Indulgences.

It is curious that while the popular craving for relics had passed all bounds, medieval theology was very cautious in its declarations on the subject of the veneration of relics.

And when for want of these active troops the first great victory proved indecisive, 1 Belated declarations of war appeared on the loth.

The two governments frequently discussed the situation, but although they had agreed to a selfdenying ordinance whereby each bound itself not to occupy any part of Albanian territory, Austrias declarations and promises were hardly borne out by the activity of her agents in the Balkans.

Had he remained in office his declarations leave no doubt that he would have cultivated the British alliance and cooperated with Great Britain in Egypt; and when the Freycinet administration, which succeeded, shrank from that enterprise only to see it undertaken with signal success by England alone, Gambetta's foresight was quickly justified.

But these declarations as to the superiority of an ecumenical council never attained legal validity, in spite of their defence by Pierre d'Ailly and Gerson.

Charles sign declarations yet more degrading, to the dis credit of his father and mother.