Sentence Examples with the word declaration

It was only to be expected that such a step, which was virtually a declaration of war against the king, should arouse in him the strongest feelings of resentment.

Campbell himself made the extraordinary declaration that to engage in a duel which could not be declined without infamy (i.e.

There is a considerable controversial literature concerning the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence; W.

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When the Dublin corporation issued a declaration of Protestant ascendancy in 1792, the counter-manifesto of the United Irishmen was drawn up by Emmet; and in 1795 he took the oath of the society in open court, becoming secretary in the same year and a member of the executive in 1797.

Trapped between Jonny and the Original Other, she hadn't been able to say anything she wanted to, when he made his declaration about destroying the world.

When one takes into account that the next article of the declaration decreed death for domestic theft, the legislation is not relatively cruel.

It inaugurated its legislative tion of the labors by a metaphysical declaration of the Rights rights of of Man and of the Citizen (October 2, 1789).

After the Restoration there began a persecution of Friends and other Nonconformists as such, notwithstanding the king's Declaration of Breda which had proclaimed liberty for tender consciences as long as no disturbance of the peace was caused.

Then in April 1688 he took the suicidal step of issuing a proclamation to force the clergy and bishops to read the Declaration in their pulpits, and thus personally advocate a measure they detested.

This result was only achieved after a severe struggle and after an emphatic declaration by Sir E.