Sentence Examples with the word decked

Long, which are strongly lashed together to a width of some 24 ft., decked and fitted with two masts, each carrying a huge mat sail picturesquely fashioned.

His crowning sin (recorded by the poet alone) was the destruction of the Sibylline books - a sin worthy of one who had decked his wife in the spoils of Victory, the goddess who had for centuries presided over the deliberations of the senate.

He was required to reduce his army, to give up all his decked ships except five, and to pay an indemnity of 1000 talents (L244,000).

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Had 107 decked battleships on the sea at one time.

The duration of their life was 000 years, but if any desired to shorten it, he decked himself with garlands and threw himself from a rock into the sea.

This period of Iceland's existence is eventless: she had got peace but with few of its blessings; all spirit seemed to have died with the commonwealth; even shepherding and such agriculture as there had been sank to a lower stage; wagons, ploughs and carts went out of use and knowledge; architecture in timber became a lost art, and the fine carved and painted halls of the heathen days were replaced by turfwalled barns half sunk in the earth; the large decked luggers of the old days gave way to small undecked fishing-boats.

They used to construct decked vessels capable of carrying one or two hundred persons, with water and stores sufficient for a voyage of some weeks duration.

In many cases the mummy had to be conveyed across the Nile, and boats were gaily decked out for this purpose.

He assumed Cynthia Byrne was a few minutes late, but when he descended the stairs, there she sat, opposite Fred O'Connor, who was decked out in an elegant blue pinstripe suit complete with pocket handkerchief and bow tie.

But larger decked vessels have come into increasing use.