Sentence Examples with the word decisively

In 1866 Wurttemberg took up arms on behalf of Austria, but three weeks after the battle of Koniggratz her troops were decisively beaten at Tauberbischofsheim, and the country was at the mercy of Prussia.

There were, therefore, but few Bohemian troops at the battle of Mohacs (August 29, 1526) at which Louis was decisively defeated and perished.

Henry, and fleeing westward was again decisively defeated on the Mississippi at the mouth of the Bad Axe river (on the 1st and 2nd of August) by General Henry Atkinson.

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In the neighbourhood the Austrians under Mack were, on the 6th of October 1805, decisively defeated by the French under Soult.

In the Guelph and Ghibelline struggles Cremona took the latter side, and defeated Parma decisively in 1250.

In 1857 Pasteur decisively proved that fermentation was a physiological process, for he showed that the yeast which produced fermentation was no dead mass, as assumed by Liebig, but consisted of living organisms capable of growth and multiplication.

Sigismund attempted to relieve the fortress, but was decisively defeated by the Hussites on the ist of November near the village of Pankrac. The castles of Vysehrad and Hradcany now capitulated, and shortly afterwards almost all Bohemia fell into the hands of the Hussites.

In 1765, after the battle of Buxar, when the nawab of Oudh had been decisively defeated and Shah Alam, the Mogul emperor, was a suppliant in the British camp, Lord Clive was content to claim no acquisition of territory.

About the time of Richard's birth, however, he changed decisively for the better.

It adds a decisively aggressive character to an organ the original significance of which, as we have seen, was tactile.