Sentence Examples with the word decipher

She examined one stone after another, and seemed pleased when she could decipher a name.

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Brady gazed at the screen in front of him, unable to decipher the symbols and colors.

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In the meantime, he'd learn to use the compass better and decipher the symbols.

She was able to decipher some of it after all the tests she'd been through.

Brady moved forward, reaching for his own weapon as he sought to decipher the scene before him.

Kiera looked at her, attempting to decipher her warning.

Long and patient efforts have been made to decipher this script, ever since it was first restored to our knowledge; and among the would-be decipherers honourable mention must be made, for persistence and courage, of Professor A.

He began successfully to decipher the Pahlavi inscriptions of the Sassanian kings (1787-1791).1 In 1792 he retired from the public service, and lived in close seclusion in a cottage near Paris till in 1795 he became professor of Arabic in the newly founded school of living Eastern languages.

She tried to decipher his meaning as she watched them fight, terrified to take her eyes off Rhyn.