Sentence Examples with the word decimal system

Since 1871 the decimal system of coinage, corresponding to that of the United States, has been the only one employed.

To him are due the introduction of the decimal system of currency and the adoption of a system of protection to Canadian manufactures.

The coinage of Mexico, now concentrated at the mint in the capital (all others having been closed) is based (since November 28, 1867) on the decimal system - the peso being divided into 100 centavos - and consists of gold, silver, nickel and bronze coins, whose weight and fineness are determined by the monetary law of 1904.

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The first national coinage was begun in 1822, and the decimal system was adopted in 1863.

It is remarkable how near this early decimal system of Germany and Britain is the double of the modern decimal metric system.

A decimal system of numeration was used, with numbers going up to io,000.

In 1782 he prepared an elaborate report on the coinage, suggesting the use of the decimal system and of the terms dollar and cent.

When we turn to the social divisions we find in Domesday and other documents classes of society in these districts bearing purely Norse names, dreng, karl, karlman, bonde, thrall, lysing, hold; in the system of taxation we have an assessment by carucates and not by hides and virgates, and the duodecimal rather than the decimal system of reckoning.