Sentence Examples with the word decent

Looks like you could use a decent meal.

Those taking part in processions are to walk bare-headed (weather permitting), two and two, in decent costume, and with reverent mien; clergy and laity, men and women, are to walk separately.

King Leopold was personally a man of considerable attainments and much strength of character, but he was a notoriously dissolute monarch, who even to the last offended decent opinion by his indulgences at Paris and on the Riviera.

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I've never been as strong of an advocate for you as Andre, but I always thought you decent somewhere on the inside.

I appreciate you helping me, Xander, and for being somewhat decent to my cousin.

She looked decent in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.

Miss Cons, whose social work in Lambeth had made her well acquainted with the difficulties of providing decent amusement at a cheap rate for the people of the neighbourhood, obtained an interest in the building about 1880.

Almost the only decent buildings are the governor's palace, the British residency and the houses of some well-to-do merchants.

He was the only decent person in the whole shitty place.

You should let him take a decent nap in our room and drop this silly business.