Sentence Examples with the word decennial

For the next two decennial censuses he acted as assistant-commissioner; for that of 1871 he was a commissioner, and he wrote the greater part of the reports of all.

The number of members, originally 196, is subject to change after each decennial census.

In 1905 was taken the first of a new series of special decennial censuses of manufactures, in which only true factoriesthat is, establishments producing standardized products intended for the general marketwere included, and mere neighborhood (local) establishments of the hand trades were excluded.

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The population of Boston at the end of each decennial period since 1790 was as follows:-(1790), 18,320; (1800), 24,937; (1810), 33,787; (1820), History.-John Smith visited Boston Harbour in 1614, and it was explored in 1621 by a party from Plymouth.

The counties in which there was the largest increase in the decennial period-with Linlithgow first, followed by Lanark, Stirling, Renfrew, Dumbarton and thirteen others-principally belonged to the Central Plain, or Lowlands, in which, broadly stated, industries and manufactures, trade, commerce and agriculture and educational facilities have attained their highest development.

Such acts are usually passed at decennial intervals, more often after the federal census, but the dates may vary in different states.

Beginning in 1913 and at each subsequent tenth year, the legislature, under the revised constitution of 1908, rearranges the senatorial districts and reapportions the representatives among the counties and districts, using as a basis the returns of the next preceding decennial census; the taking of a state census between the decennial periods is discontinued.

Hausen in 1840 through his initiative; he executed comprehensive magnetic surveys 1849-1858; announced the magnetic decennial period irk 1850, and his discovery of earth-currents in 1862.

Considerable progress in the education of the people is made visible by a comparison of the figures of three decennial censuses.

Twelve decennial censuses taken since that time (18oo191o) have revealed the extraordinary spread of population over the present area of the country (see CENSUS: United StoJes).