Sentence Examples with the word deceit

Meantime the substance of true religion - justice, charity and a humble walk with God - is forgotten, fraud and deceit reign in all classes, the works of the house of Ahab are observed (worship of foreign gods).

Even so Homer and Hesiod attributed to the gods all that is a shame and a reproach among men - theft, adultery, deceit and other lawless acts..

Skipwith, a judge of the common pleas, cited a statute under which for any erasure in the rolls to the deceit of the king z oo marks fine was imposed for every penny, and so Wykeham owed 960,000 marks.

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He does not admit that Satan has any lawful claim on man, or that God practised a deceit on him, as later fathers taught.

Esau was born first, but lost his superiority by relinquishing his birthright, and Jacob by an act of deceit gained the paternal blessing intended for Esau (Gen.

And Robert of Artois, his brother-in-law, who, after having warmly supported the disinheriting of Edward III., had been convicted of deceit in a question of succession, had revenged himself on Philip by burning his waxen effigy, and had been welcomed with open arms at Edwards court.

Unwilling to go, he feigned madness, ploughing a field sown with salt with an ox and an ass yoked together; but Palamedes discovered his deceit by placing his infant child Telemachus in front of the plough; Odysseus afterwards revenged himself by compassing the death of Palamedes.

Understand, my dear fellow, that outside this union all is filled with deceit and falsehood and I agree with you that nothing is left for an intelligent and good man but to live out his life, like you, merely trying not to harm others.

To diplomacy he never pretended; persuasion and deceit were not the weapons he 1 See especially a Memoire presented to the king in 1666, published in the Lettres, Fee., de Colbert, vol.

I abhorred the very idea of getting immersed in this tangle of deceit but even to a lesser extent did I want to see Howie hurt.