Sentence Examples with the word decapitated

Within seconds, she had decapitated him and sent the disembodied head soaring across the room.

Huntly, as a Royalist, was decapitated at Edinburgh; and the envoys of Charles, thanks to the advice of Montrose, failed to induce him to stamp himself a recreant and a hypocrite by signing any covenants.

So Peter also seemed to have thought, for though Mons was decapitated and his severed head, preserved in spirits, was placed in the apartments of the empress, she did not lose Peter's favour, attended him during his last illness, and closed his eyes when he expired (February 28, 1725).

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These had been decapitated and otherwise mutilated, and thrown into the foundations of the new fortress.

There was a fishy flavor to the milk, too, which I could not at all account for, till one morning happening to take a stroll along the beach among some fishermen's boats, I saw Hosea's brindled cow feeding on fish remnants, and marching along the sand with each foot in a cod's decapitated head, looking very slip-shod, I assure ye.

But in the decapitated animal we have good arguments for belief that we get the reflex movement alone as response; the psychical touch drops out.

Gerry was tense and worried, as he had been since Xander decapitated the one Guardian who tried to attack Ingrid, thinking she was a vamp, too.

The two young nobles, after a mock trial, were decapitated (November 1440).

The Pequod's whale being decapitated and the body stripped, the head was hoisted against the ship's side--about half way out of the sea, so that it might yet in great part be buoyed up by its native element.

It is this decapitated end of the head, also, which is at last elevated out of the water, and retained in that position by the enormous cutting tackles, whose hempen combinations, on one side, make quite a wilderness of ropes in that quarter.