Sentence Examples with the word debut

It is as the debut of a new method of military organization and training - the first real test of the standing army as created by Louvois - that the Dutch War of 1672-79 is above all instructive.

Her brother, the actor Nicolas Desmares (c. 1650-1714), began as a member of a subsidized company at Copenhagen, but by her influence he came to Paris and was received in 1685 sans debut - the first time such an honour had been accorded - at the Comedie Frangaise, where he became famous for peasant parts.

The songs were talked about in the same rush of feverish anticipation and excitement, this, the debut album has a lot to live up to.

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In regard to foreign affairs, the debut of the Left as a governing party was scarcely more satisfactory than its home policy.

This all culminated in the glorious debut of Nothing Changes Under the Sun.

She made her debut in 1896 in the company of her uncle, John Drew.

As a military commander he was not a conspicuous success, his debut being signalized by the defeat of the republicans at Saumur.

In 1813 he made his debut in an opera in one act, the Sejour militaire, the unfavourable reception of which put an end for some years to his attempts as composer.

This remarkable debut excited much attention, and, on the recommendation of Francois Arago, he took in hand the theory of Mercury, producing, in 1843, vastly improved tables of that planet.

He made his literary debut in the Petit journal with a story entitled Deux comediens (1868).