Sentence Examples with the word debris

Corps succeeded in reaching the plateau between St Hubert and Point du Jour, where the debris of the VII.

No shelter had been provided for the inmates: the first arrivals made rude sheds from the debris of the stockade; the others made tents of blankets and other available pieces of cloth, or dug pits in the ground.

Usually the upper part of a corrie is formed by a crescent of naked rock, from which long trails of debris descend to the bottom of the hollow.

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This points to the mound of debris called Tell-el-Jezari near the village of Abu Shusheh.

With the obstruction removed, water plunged down the creek bed, dragging debris with it.

The whole of this plain has been formed by the debris swept down from the Alps by the rivers Po, Ticino, Oglio, Adda, Mincio, Adige, Brenta, Piave, Livenza, Tagliamento and Isonzo.

Similarly the Arimondi brigade was attacked by 30,000 Shoans, and encumbered by the debris of Albertones troops.

There was also a fair amount of flood debris everywhere, which was slightly ominous.

Several more joined him to clear out debris and the remains of a building.

Hard rock (mostly granite and crystalline schists, with red sandstone in places) appears only in the transverse glens, which are often choked with their debris in the form either of gravel-and-shingle or loose blocks of stone or both.