Sentence Examples with the word dead on

The Greek entrenchments were stormed at the point of the bayonet by Ibrahim's fellahin at the first onset; the defenders broke and fled, leaving 600 dead on the field.

The day was known afterwards as Nicanor's day, for he was found dead on the field (Capharsalama) by the victorious followers of Judas (13th of Adar, March 161 B.C.).

Simon., fought most gallantly, and was left dead on the field along with his eldest son Henry, his justiciar HughDespenser, and the flower of his party.

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But then, he was dead on about my intent, too.

He was dead on when he said she was more afraid of her emotions than him.

Whatever he touches, lies already dead on the dissecting table, and his skill is that of the analytical pathologist.

For a moment compassion restrained the latter's arm; but that was a short-lived mood, and as quick as thought can follow thought his piece was levelled, and whang!--the fox, rolling over the rock, lay dead on the ground.

They promised an easy expiation for crimes to both living and dead on payment of a fee, undertook to punish the enemies of their clients, and held out to them the prospect of perpetual banqueting and drinking-bouts in Paradise.

Just as it is the custom of French people, of all ranks and creeds, to decorate the graves of their dead on the jour des morts, so in Germany the people stream to the grave-yards once a year with offerings of flowers.