Sentence Examples with the word dc

Pole was impeached on a groundthe kings less charge of corruption and condemned, but Richard favor- at once pardoned him and restored him to favor, Dc ftes.

Firmatio Cartarum (less accurately called the statute The Dc Tallagio non concedendo) marked a distinct advance Con firbeyond the theories of Magna Carta; for the latter, natio Carhad been drawn up before England possessed a parlia- t4rum.

Fedia cornucopiae, Gaertn Helichrysum Stoechas, DC Centaurea (Seridia), sp. Urospermum Dalechampi, Scorzonera alexandrina, B Stachys hirta, L.

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My sister is expecting me to call and then to actually show up in DC in the next week.

I called in the DC Sector for support as well.

Below this are (After Dc Bary.

Y, hence DC is the half of OC, proving the curve to be a parabola.

The vertical distance above the line ab of any point in the dotted line dc is proportional to the vertical component of the compressive stress on the line ale assumed to vary uniformly from face to face, and similarly the vertical distance of any point in the3-dot-and-dash line ae above the line ab is proportional to the vertical component of the stress determined experimentally.

Whom the most notable were Zenon dc Somadevila, marquis of Ensenada, and Richard Wall, an Irish Jacobite, carried on the work of financial and administrative reform.