Sentence Examples with the word dazzle

Cradock then seems to have tried to close in order to force an action while the sun was still high enough to dazzle the enemy, but von Spee turned away and Cradock resumed his southerly course.

To this cause we may ascribe his constant efforts to dazzle France by grandiose adventures and by swift, unexpected movements.

In vain did he seek to dazzle the tsar by assembling about him the vassal kings and princes of Germany; in vain did he exercise all the intellectual gifts which had captivated the tsar at Tilsit; in vain did he conjure up visions of the future conquest of the Orient; external display, diplomatic finesse, varied by one or two outbursts of calculated violence - all was useless.

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His object was not to dazzle by a conformity with the artificial rules of oratory, but to move the soul of the listener by a direct appeal to his conscience.