Sentence Examples with the word dazed

It will sometimes burst from out that cloudless sky, like an exploding bomb upon a dazed and sleepy town.

Pierre gazed now with dazed eyes at these sharpshooters who ran in couples out of the circle.

They were dazed when they left, smiling, happy, glowing.

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The dazed woman Jessi led out of his bed in the morning had murmured about what he did.

A characteristic symptom in severe cases is that the patient appears dazed and stupid, is thick in speech, and staggers.

He wiped the blood from his mouth and watched in dazed silence as Justin marched out the door.

Dorothy was too dazed to say much, but she watched one of Jim's big ears turn to violet and the other to rose, and wondered that his tail should be yellow and his body striped with blue and orange like the stripes of a zebra.

Even the consciousness that it was only a dreadful mistake did not lessen my suffering, and when at last I was allowed to leave the room, I was dazed and did not notice my teacher's caresses, or the tender words of my friends, who said I was a brave little girl and they were proud of me.

But dazed by the force of the movement, it was long before people understood this.

Julie responded like everyone else; with the usual dazed look of acute indifference.