Sentence Examples with the word days

As most of the records appealed to are from temple archives, it may be expected that the Sabbath days would show an increased number of records.

In these days he lived at Tooting, and was instrumental in forming a dissenting congregation there.

Three days afterwards the Kumasi warriors attacked a party of Hausa sent with the chief object of discovering the golden stool.

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By the constitution of the 18th of October 614 he gave legal force to canons which had been voted some days previously by a council convened at Paris, but not without attempting to modify them by numerous restrictions.

The external policy of Hyrcanus was marked by considerable energy and tact, and, aided as it was by favouring circumstances, was so successful as to leave the Jewish nation in a position of independence and of influence such as it had not known since the days of Solomon.

Ten days later, the plaintiff crossed the fence in upon the land, with a law agent, a witness and a pair of horses yoked or harnessed, and in a loud voice stated the amount of the debt and called upon the defendant to pay it according to law.

All that he had done for her in the days of the Consulate was remembered; his subsequent proceedings - his tyranny, his shocking waste of human life, his deliberate persistence in war when France and Europe called for a reasonable and lasting peace - all this was forgotten; and the great warrior, who died of cancer on the 5th of May 1821, was thereafter enshrouded in mists of legend through which his form loomed as that of a Prometheus condemned to a lingering agony for his devotion to the cause of humanity.

The plan for Natalie Rostova's abduction had been arranged and the preparations made by Dolokhov a few days before, and on the day that Sonya, after listening at Natasha's door, resolved to safeguard her, it was to have been put into execution.

In fact, the period of Calippus containing 2 7,759 days, and the octacteris 2922 days, the sum, which is 30,681, is exactly the number of days in eighty-four Julian years.

After remaining two days at the Pole to secure sufficient observations to fix the position, Amundsen and his party returned to Framheim in 38 days, picking up the depots in succession and making an average of 23 m.