Sentence Examples with the word day of the week

Each day of the week was marked by the adoration of a special planet, the sun being the most sacred of all, and certain dates, perhaps the sixteenth of each month and the equinoxes, in conformity with the character of Mithras as mediator, were set aside for special festivals.

A scheme of study which he drew up for 1722 with a time-table for each day of the week is still to be seen in his earliest diary, which became the property of Mr George Stampe of Great Grimsby.

To find from this table the day of the week on which any year of the Hegira commences, the rule to be observed will be as follows: Rule.

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The Result May Sometimes Differ A Day From The Truth, As The Intercalary Days Do Not Occur Simultaneously; But As The Day Of The Week Can Always Be Accurately Obtained From The Foregoing Table, The Result Can Be Readily Adjusted.

The sacredness of the number seven is based on the seven planetary deities to whom each day of the week was respectively dedicated, i.e.

Next divide the number of cycles by 7, and the second remainder will be the Number of the Period, which being found at the top of the table, and the year of the cycle on the left hand, the required day of the week is immediately shown.

The Gentile Christians, on the other hand, unfettered by Jewish traditions, identified the first day of the week with the Resurrection, and kept the preceding Friday as the commemoration of the crucifixion, irrespective of the day of the month.