Sentence Examples with the word day after day

But Reid soon came to see that such work was inherently false, painted as the picture was day after day under varying conditions of light and shade.

Nature's boundary is the outer sphere of the fixed stars, which is eternally moved day after day in a uniform circle round the earth.

Few or no words were spoken; and the silent ship, as if manned by painted sailors in wax, day after day tore on through all the swift madness and gladness of the demoniac waves.

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Moreover, he could see by her manners that she was one of those women-- mostly mothers--who, having once made up their minds, will not rest until they have gained their end, and are prepared if necessary to go on insisting day after day and hour after hour, and even to make scenes.

Between July and October there is little rain, day after day bringing a bright and cloudless sky.

He drove these to the pastures on the hills and watched them day after day while they fed on the short green grass.