Sentence Examples with the word day

Much time was lost owing to the heat of the day and the fatigue of the troops, but shortly after 3 p.m.

Xander was in the gym whenever she was, no matter what time of day or night she went.

On the tenth day of the last month of the year the Great Festival (Al-id al-kabir), or that of the Sacrifice (commemorating the willingness of Ibrahim to slay his son Ismailaccording to the Arab legend), closes the calendar.

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A pupil of Nessus, or, as some accounts prefer, of Democritus himself, he was a complete sceptic. He accepted the Democritean theory of atoms and void and the plurality of worlds, but held a theory of his own that the stars are formed from day to day by the moisture in the air under the heat of the sun.

Eusebius was so much struck by the likeness of the Therapeutae to the Christian monks of his own day as to claim that they were Christians converted by the preaching of St Mark.

There is no difficulty in deducing the highly differentiated asterids and ophiurids of a later day from these simpler types.

Europeans in general, like the ancient Egyptians, place the commencement of the civil day at midnight, and reckon twelve morning hours from midnight to midday, and twelve evening hours from midday to midnight.

The town submitted on the following day and the whole country was quickly subdued by the Imperialist armies.

Ordinary observation of the landscape shows that there is another part, highly variable from day to day, and due to suspended matter, much of which is fine enough to scatter light of blue quality.

Certain days seem early to have been set apart as special festivals for different orders of the clergy: the feast of St Stephen (December 26) for the deacons, St John's day (December 27) for the priests, Holy Innocents' Day for the boys, and for the sub-deacons Circumcision, the Epiphany, or the 11th of January.