Sentence Examples with the word daunted

But Spanish loyalty was too profound to be daunted even by the awe-inspiring power of the French emperor.

He was, moreover, assailed with great violence by a powerful section of the English press, while the large number of minute details with which he had to deal in connexion with proposed changes in the French tariff, involved a tax on his patience and industry which would have daunted a less resolute man But there was one source of embarrassment greater than all the rest.

This daunted the enemy for a time, but the defenders were soon out of breath.

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After Luther had begun his journey, this edict was posted up along his route in order to intimidate him; other means were taken to make him turn aside from Worms; but he was resolved to go there and nothing daunted him.

Nothing daunted by the ominous attacks of the French people and press, King Alphonso went to Paris.

She went to bed later and rose earlier than any of them, and no difficulties daunted her.