Sentence Examples with the word daubed

Much it concerns a man, forsooth, how a few sticks are slanted over him or under him, and what colors are daubed upon his box.

She grabbed a towel and daubed water and gravy from her shirt and the counter top.

Both men and women avoided washing, but there was something of the nature of a vapour bath, with which Herodotus has confused a custom of using the smoke of hemp as a narcotic. The women daubed themselves with a kind of cosmetic paste.

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Epitaph is usually daubed on the slab in red or black paint.

Now he suddenly saw those badly daubed pictures in clear daylight and without a glass.

She daubed her eyes with a tissue and swallowed a sob - if she could speak the words.

The walls were formed either of stout planks laid together vertically or horizontally, or else of posts at a short distance from one another, the interstices being filled up with wattlework daubed with clay.