Sentence Examples with the word datum

It is equally opposed to the doctrine which represents the subject itself and its state and judgments as the single immediate datum of consciousness, and all else, whether the objects of an external world or person other than the individual subject whose states are known to itself, as having a merely problematic existence resting upon analogy or other process of indirect inference.

Beowulf himself won fame in this campaign, and by the aid of this definite chronological datum we can place the reign of Healfdene in the last half of the 5th century, and that of Hrothgar's nephew Hrothwulf, son of Halga, about the middle of the 6th century.

There is, however, one good datum if it can be trusted: 300 talents of silver (2 Kings xviii.

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Thus the inaccuracy in taking the measured diameter as the datum is practically of the same order as the inaccuracy in taking the grass-plot to be circular.

Sea-level is the assumed mean level of the sea, serving as a datum from which to calculate the elevation of land in surveying.

I), gave during three consecutive years the respective falls shown by the height of the dotted lines above the datum line.

The first of these methods yields a hypsographical, or - if the sea-bottom be included, in which case all contours are referred to a common datum line - a bathy hypsographical map. Carl Ritter, in 1806, employed graduated tints, increasing in lightness on proceeding from the lowlands to the highlands; while General F.

The best datum is in Josephus (Ant.

Is shown by the dotted lines measured upwards from the datum to have been remarkably consistent in the three years; and its cause - the path necessarily taken in a vertical plane by the prevailing winds blowing from A towards N - after passing the steep bank at C D - may be readily understood.

Thisconstant, now designated as Joules equivalent, is the principal experimental datum of the science of thermodynamics.