Sentence Examples with the word dat

Lanzani, Stone dei comuni italiani dale onigini fino at 1313 (1882); C. Cipolla, Storia delle Signorie Italiane dat 1313 at 1530 (188 f); A.

And, by Gor, none on you has de right to dat whale; dat whale belong to some one else.

I know some o' you has berry brig mout, brigger dan oders; but den de brig mouts sometimes has de small bellies; so dat de brigness of de mout is not to swaller wid, but to bit off de blubber for de small fry ob sharks, dat can't get into de scrouge to help demselves.

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Fellow-critters: I'se ordered here to say dat you must stop dat dam noise dare.

Your woraciousness, fellow-critters, I don't blame ye so much for; dat is natur, and can't be helped; but to gobern dat wicked natur, dat is de pint.

De Castro, Stonia d haifa dat 1789 at 1814 (1881).

This may be written daT aF.

His main principles will be found in his Dat Fundament des Christelycken Leers (1 539, 8vo).

Franchetti, Stone d Italia dat 1789 at 1799 (Milan, 1878); P. Gaffarel, Bonaparte ci les rpubliques italiennes (1796-1799) (Paris, 1895); R.

Franchetti, Storia d Jtalia dat 1789 al 799; G.