Sentence Examples with the word dark blue

When dyed dark blue or skunk colour it is good-looking and is sold widely in Europe.

A dark blue liquid is produced, and the first portions of gas boiling off from the mixture correspond fairly closely in composition with nitrogen trioxide.

In Mashonaland, for instance, a large number of genera and species of Hymenoptera belonging to the Apidae, Eumenidae, Sphegidae, Pompilidae, Scoliidae, Tiphiidae and Mutillidae, resemble each other in having black bodies and dark blue wings.

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Inside was the most beautiful gown she'd ever seen in a mysterious shade of dark blue sprinkled with silver sequins.

Clad in the dark blue uniform of the police, Travis gave a nod of recognition as he passed him.

The night was clear and cool, the sky a beautiful pageant of dark blue silk and brilliant stars, of streaking meteors and two glowing orbs.

TiN 2 is a dark blue powder obtained when the oxide is ignited in an atmosphere of ammonia; while TiN is obtained as a bronze yellow mass as hard as the diamond by heating the oxide in an atmosphere of nitrogen in the electric furnace.

The best are the dark blue from the Fen district of Cambridgeshire in England.

A blue bronze, Na2W5015, forming dark blue cubes with a red reflex, is obtained by electrolysing fused sodium paratungstate; a purple-red variety, Na2W309, and a reddish yellow form result when sodium carbonate and sodium tungstate are heated respectively with tungsten trioxide and tinfoil.

Geologically they belong to the primitive formation - granite, compact dark blue slate, gneiss and syenite.