Sentence Examples with the word danzig

He was expressly commanded by his father to return to Sweden, if the Polish deputation awaiting him at Danzig should insist on the cession of Esthonia to Poland as a condition precedent to the act of homage.

CLUWER (CLUVER, CLUVIER, CLUVERIUS), PHILIP (1580-1623),(1580-1623), German geographer and historian, was born at Danzig in 1580.

Already, before his accession, the bonds of friendship which united Russia to Germany had been weakened by the action of Bismarck in giving to the cabinet of St Petersburg at the Berlin congress less diplomatic support than was expected, and by the Austro-German treaty of alliance (October 1879), concluded avowedly for the purpose of opposing Russian aggression; but the old relations were partly 'reestablished by secret negotiations in 1880, by a meeting of the young tsar and the old emperor at Danzig in 1881, and by the meeting of the three emperors at Skierniewice in 1884, by which the Three Emperors' League was reconstituted for a term of three years (see Europe: History).

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He was compelled by public opinion to support the claims of Louis XV.'s father-inlaw Stanislaus Leszczynski, ex-king of Poland, to the Polish crown on the death of Frederick Augustus I., against the RussoAustrian candidate; but the despatch of a French expedition of 150o men to Danzig only served to humiliate France.

In 1772 the necessities of Fredericks position compelled him to join Russia and Austria in the deplorable partition of Poland, whereby he gained West Prussia exclusive of Danzig Partition..

Peter, a merchant adventurer, who had migrated from Danzig to London about 1670, was also a director of the East India company.

To N.E., its greatest elevation being in the neighborhood of Danzig (Turmberg, 1086 ft.).

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The towns were large and flourishing; as many as sixty arose in the period between 1233 and 1416, including Thorn and Elbing, Danzig and Konigsberg (named after Ottocar of Bohemia, who took part in the campaign during which it was founded).

The radio-activity of sea-water is extraordinarily small; indeed in samples taken from 50 fathoms in the Bay of Danzig it was imperceptible, and R.