Sentence Examples with the word dangling

When Kelli woke her, the warehouse was dark, except for the low light of lanterns like the one dangling from the ceiling into Lana's room.

Big brown eyes shined on them enthusiastically while dangling earrings sparkled with the movement of her head.

When not moving, they often assume a perfectly upright position, the tail aiding the two hind-legs to form a tripod, and the front-limbs dangling by the side of the chest.

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Consider, now, how it must be in the case of four boats all engaging one unusually strong, active, and knowing whale; when owing to these qualities in him, as well as to the thousand concurring accidents of such an audacious enterprise, eight or ten loose second irons may be simultaneously dangling about him.

She faced the ocean, the moon dangling low and large in the sky before her.

On festal occasions he decks his wellforked-out and dyed hair with feathers and flowers, and sticks others in his ear-lobe holes and under his armlets; while a warrior will have ovula shells and various bones of his victims dangling from ringlets of his hair, or fixed to his armbands or girdle.

Rhyn.s pterodactyl shape hovered over the demons at the edge of the forest, one of the creatures dangling in his talons.

Two left, the necklace dangling in his hand.

She tugged gently on the moon dangling from the necklace Kiera gave her for her wedding.

Her attention focused on a dangling cord.