Sentence Examples with the word dancer

Its psychic effect, both upon the dancer and upon the mystic about whom he danced during the initiation of the Cybele-Attis mysteries, made it a widely known and popular feature of the cult.

Her husband put her to death to please his mistress Agathocleia, a Samian dancer (between 210 and 205).

Yet he too was an excellent dancer - or maybe everyone's dancing skills were so much better than hers that it only appeared so to her.

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It began to mist, just enough for his windshield wipers to skip and hop like a tap dancer as he reached his destination.

The dancer stopped, pulled off the loose piece of leather, and threw it on the fire.

She was a celebrated dancer and courtesan, who, in the full flower of her beauty and guilty sovereignty over the youth of Antioch, was suddenly converted by the influence of the holy bishop Nonnus, whom she had heard preaching in front of a church which she was passing with her gay train of attendants and admirers.

In the middle of the cotillion, having completed one of the figures, Natasha, still out of breath, was returning to her seat when another dancer chose her.

This was due to the king's relations with the Spanish dancer Lola Montez, who appeared in Munich in October 1846, and soon succeeded by her beauty and wit in fascinating the king, who was always susceptible to feminine charms. The political importance of this lay in the fact that the royal mistress began to use her great influence against the clerical policy of the Abel ministry.