Sentence Examples with the word damned

I'd have burned the damned money before I'd have let it get back on the street poisoning kids.

That damned reporter is supposed to interview me at 3:00.

I have to tell you, Mr. Ryland is a damned sight more pleasant than bossy Miss Quincy, the sister from hell.

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Sometimes Dean wished Fred O'Connor wasn't so damned perceptive.

Then I'm not going to believe a damned thing you're saying.

She was damned the moment she stepped into Hell, Deidre said firmly.

As the oldest and most revered of the death dealers, only the damned millennial generation failed to flinch when he spoke.

I lost yesterday like a damned fool! cried Denisov, not pronouncing his r's.

He added it was too damned hot for this early in May.

If Gabriel had killed her while trying to save her, he'd kill the soul in her head, too, the one that damned Deidre to Hell.