Sentence Examples with the word dames

See also Arvede Barine, Princesses et grandes dames (Paris, 1890); E.

Her Cite des dames was translated by Brian Anslay (London, 1521).

The Dames de Sion have a large establishment for the teaching of small children of both sexes, and there is a secondary school for girls.

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The Gazette litteraire (1764-1766), which had Voltaire, Diderot and SaintLambert among its editors, was intended to swamp the small fry by criticism; the Journal des dames (1759-1778) was of a light magazine class; and the Journal de monsieur (1776-1783) had three phases of existence, and died after extending to thirty volumes.

Her Cite des dames contains many interesting contemporary portraits, and her Livre des trois vertus contains details of domestic life in the France of the early 15th century not supplied by more formal historians.

Christine wrote about 1407 two books for women, La Cite des dames and Le Livre des trois vertus, or Le Tresor de la cite des dames.

And as those ancient dames moved about gaily, though in the jaws of the whale, as you may say; even so, in a shower, with the like thoughtlessness, do we nowadays fly under the same jaws for protection; the umbrella being a tent spread over the same bone.

The bureaux de bien- Total in 0cc faisance in the larger centres are aided by unpaid workers (commissaires or dames de charit), and in the big towns by paid inquiry officers.

The fort, built in 1736, was first named Fort Augusta, and in 1780, at the time of the British occupation, was enlarged and renamed Fort Cornwallis; its site is now marked by a Memorial Cross, erected by the Colonial Dames of Georgia in the churchyard of St Paul's.

I don't know why, but a lot of the dames let him.