Sentence Examples with the word damaging

But Mr Gladstone's influence with the Liberal party was paramount, in spite of the damaging appearance of the compact made with Parnell, and Forster's pointed criticisms only caused thoroughgoing partisans to accuse him of a desire to avenge himself.

The cemetery was naturally associated with the legend of St Ursula; and, this identification once accepted, it is not unlikely that when more careful investigations revealed male skeletons and tombstones bearing the names of men, other and more definite epitaphs were invented to reconcile the old traditions with the facts of such a damaging discovery.

Bread Company, was requested by his fellow-directors to resign, on the ground that his connexion with the sect was damaging the business of the company.

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Most violent hurricane passed over the island, injuring the orchards, destroying the fruit-trees, and damaging the sponges,.

While Elizabeth nursed prosperity in peace, her subjects sapped the strength of Englands rivals by attacks which were none the less damaging because they escaped the name of war.

Hence his doctrines were open to damaging attacks from both sides, the more so as he always stood aloof from the academic spirit and its representatives.

This, however, gave little or no satisfaction, and it was found expedient to do what Bacon had always recommended, to have a fair trial, yet not one in which the sentence must needs be damaging to the earl.

Moreover, the very fact of being under the protection and, as it were, in the pay of an absolute monarch was damaging to the character of their literature.

After damaging British commerce in the North Atlantic, Jerome reached France with his ship in safety in August 1806.

One result of these is a very damaging attack upon traditional theism.