Sentence Examples with the word cystic

The same description applies to the reptiles, but a curious net work of cystic ducts is found in snakes and to a less extent in crocodiles.

The enlarged cystic goitres show, in the distended vesicles, an abnormal formation and retention of this substance (fig.

The most remarkable feature of this cystic development is the formation in many genera of several internal buds within a common cyst, each of which forms an independent inverted scolex (Coenurus, Polycercus); or these internal vesicles may bud off a large number of scolices on their external surface (Staphylocystis).

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From the neck passes the cystic duct, which is often twisted into the form of an S.

Thus Echinococci contains a leucomaine which sets up an urticaria; Cysticercus tenuicollis occasions anaemia and death if injecte-1 into rabbits; and the cystic fluid of the common Coenurus serialis is said to be used by Kirghizes to poison wolves.

A long cystic duct would point to a long reign of the king.

The right and left hepatic ducts, while still in the transverse fissure, unite into a single duct which joins the cystic duct from the gall bladder at an acute angle.

Represented by the round cf, The cystic fissure.

The gland spaces vary in size and many may show marked cystic formation.