Sentence Examples with the word cynicism

For relation of Cynicism to contemporary thought, compare Cyrenaics, Megarian School.

So that in Rome also Cynicism was partly the butt of the satirist and partly the ideal of the thinker.

His influence was weakened, however, by his cynicism and by his ultra-aristocratic views.

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Disregarding all the accidental excrescences of the doctrine, Cynicism must be regarded as a most valuable development and as a real asset in the sum of ethical speculation.

The cold cynicism with which he acted towards de Witt is only matched by the heroic obstinacy with which he confronted Louis.

Yet, in spite of all, his jovial disposition and good-humoured cynicism saved him from unpopularity, and rendered his death an occasion of mourning.

But they were 2 It has been suggestively said that Cynicism was to Stoicism what monasticism was to early Christianity.

The analogy, however, must not be pressed too far, since orthodox Stoics do not ever seem to have regarded Cynicism as the more perfect way.

A cynicism so unblushing shocked even the seasoned diplomats of the congress, who would have preferred that the king should have made a decent show of yielding to force.

The school has been considered with some truth to form a connecting link with the later scepticism, just as the contemporary Cynicism and Cyrenaicism may be held to be imperfect preludes to Stoicism and Epicureanism.