Sentence Examples with the word cymose

Taurica, 6 to 8 in., is a charming boraginaceous plant from the Caucasus, producing hispid leaves and cymose heads of drooping, tubular, yellow flowers.

A cymose inflorescence is an inflorescence where the primary floral axis before terminating in a flower gives off one or more lateral unifloral axes which repeat the process - the development being only limited by the vigour of the plant.

The dodder is a genus (Cuscuta) of leafless parasites with slender thread-like twining stems. The flowers stand singly in the leaf-axils or form few or many flowered cymose inflorescences; the flowers are sometimes crowded into small heads.

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Biparous Cyme (Dichotomous),including 3-5chotomou3 Cymes (Dichasium, Cymose Umbel, Anthela).

The inflorescence is of a cymose character, the terminal branch being represented by the tendril, the side branches by flower-stalks, or the inflorescence may be reduced to a single stalk.

Spectabile, I to II ft., pink, in great cymose heads, is a fine plant for the borders, and worthy also of pot-culture for greenhouse decoration.

The flowers, which are generally arranged in a cymose inflorescence, are hermaphrodite, hypogynous, and, except in Pelargoniums, regular.

To this form the terms trichasial and polychasial cyme have been applied; but these are now usually designated cymose umbels.

Crassifolia belong, are early-flowering kinds of great beauty, with fleshy leaves and large cymose clusters of flowers of various shades of rose, red and purple.

Cordifolium, 4 ft., has large cordate leaves, and heads of rich orange flowers in cymose panicles in July.