Sentence Examples with the word cylinder

Air is drawn by an aspirator between the surfaces, and the ions having the opposite sign to the inner cylinder are deposited on it.

In the case of large and thick cylinders, however, another process of opening the ends is generally employed: an assistant attaches a small lump of hot glass to the domed end, and the heat of this added glass softens the cylinder sufficiently to enable the assistant to cut the end open with a pair of shears; subsequently the open end is spun out to the diameter of the whole as described above.

This leaves a cylinder with roughly parallel ends; these ends are cut by the use of a diamond applied internally and then the cylinder is split longitudinally by the same means.

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As already stated, the matrices of ancient Babylonian and Assyrian seals, usually cut on precious stones, are in cylinder form.

In Dawsonia superba, a large New Zealand moss, the hydroids of the central cylinder of the aerial stem are mixed with thick-walled stereids forming a hydrom-stereom strand somewhat like that of the rhizome in other Polytrichaceae.

Whilst alcohol is applied in motor engines in a similar manner to petrol, its vapour mixed with a proper proportion of air being drawn into the cylinder where it is compressed and ignited, it cannot be used with maximum efficiency by itself in engines such as are fitted to modern motors because it requires a higher degree of compression than petrol engines are usually designed to stand, and also because, unless special arrangements are made, a motor engine will not start readily from the cold with alcohol alone.

The pith is encircled by a cylinder of secondary wood, consisting of single or multiple radial rows of tracheids separated by broad medullary rays composed of large parenchymatous cells; the tracheids bear numerous bordered FIG.

Of our knowledge of the structure and course of the vascular strands of the higher plants (IJeber den Bau und die Anordnung der Gefssbundel bei den Stamm und Wurzel der Phanerogamen, Beitrage zur wissenschaftlichen Botanik, Heft i., Leipzig, 1859); to the second the establishment of the sound morphological doctrine of the central cylinder of the axis as the starting-point for the consideration of the general arrangement of the tissues, and the first clear distinction between primary and secondary tissues (Botanische Zeitung, 186I and 1863); to the last the putting together of the facts of plant anatomy known up to the middle of the eighth decade of the century in that great encyclopaedia of plant anatomy, the Vergleichende Anatomie der Vegetationsor gene bei den Phanerogamen und Farnen (Stuttgart, 1876; Eng.

The smaller cylinder is generally the negative electrode on which the copper is deposited.

Instantaneous Axis of a Cylinder rolling on a Cylinder.Let a cylinder bbb, whose axis of figure is B and angular velocity -y, roll on a fixed cylinder acm, whose axis of figure is A, either outside (as infig.