Sentence Examples with the word cyclone

Far more destructive to life was the cyclone and storm-wave that broke over Chittagong district on the night of the 24th of October 1897.

The headquarters are at Rangamati, which was wrecked by the cyclone of October 1897.

On the 8th of August 1899 the island was visited by the most destructive cyclone in its history, causing a loss of about 3500 lives and a property damage amounting to 36,000,000 pesos, the coffee industry suffering most.

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Many of its buildings were destroyed by a cyclone on the 19th of February 1888.

Another stimulus came from the biologists, Pacific. On the 1st of November 1876 a cyclone acting in this who began to realize the importance of a more detailed investigaway submerged a great area of the level plain of the Ganges tion of the life conditions of organisms at great depths in the delta to a depth of 46 ft.; here the influence of the difference sea.

In April 1899 a cyclone caused serious damage to the city.

Terrific thunderstorms are also common at that period; waterspouts are sometimes seen; and as the Indian Ocean cyclone region touches the eastern coast, hurricanes occur every few years, at rare intervals ascending into the interior highland.

On the 2nd of March 1906 a cyclone caused great loss of life and property.

The lead in this direction was taken by British biologists, of pressure within and without the cyclone acted in the same beginning with Edward Forbes in 1839, and in 1868 a party on direction as the wind.

In 1910 the coffee industry had not yet recovered from the effect of the cyclone of 1899 and the unfortunate mortgage system that prevailed under the Spanish regime.