Sentence Examples with the word cute

She looked so cute that Carmen took a few pictures of her.

So, spare me your cute robots with human names.

No one took pity on a young man in a mask the way they did a cute little boy with dirty hands and huge, innocent eyes.

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But he was so cute today.

The little laugh lines around those delicious eyes, and that cute dimple, gave his smile irresistible charm.

They look cute sprinkled over that little turned up nose.

The woman before him was younger than he expected and cute in an elfin way, with large eyes, a tapered chin, delicate jaw line, and expressive brow.

One cute little fellow stole her hair-ribbon, and another tried to snatch the flowers out of her hat.

He said something cute like one bottle for before and one for after.

I'm getting roasted and you tell me it's cute when I flirt.