Sentence Examples with the word cut through

Moore that the sandstone ridges which here bound the trough have been recently elevated, and have been cut through by the Lukuga during the process.

In the earlier part of the Pleistocene period, England and Ireland were still incompletely severed, and the combined activity of certain extinct rivers and the sea had not yet cut through the land connexion with the continent.

He was not able to cut through the gnarl of the tree.

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The eastern range is cut through by six rivers in Peru, namely, the Maranon and Huallaga, the Perene, Mantaro, Apurimac, Vilcamayu and Paucartambo, the last five being tributaries of the Ucayali.

Jonathan slid off the swing and took a short cut through the house to the chicken coup.

Above sea-level, which in ancient times was a peninsula, the isthmus on the west having been cut through by Ferdinand I.

Yet it will be magnetized; for if it is cut through and the cut ends are drawn apart, each end will be found to exhibit polarity.

Minoids may be gained D, Embryo cut through the middle, by simply inspecting the root-end pointing downwards.

The succeeding festival of Camaxtli was marked by a severe fast of the priests, after which stone knives were prepared with which a hole was cut through the tongue of each, and numbers of sticks passed through.

Shaking with fear for Brady, she watched them cut through the skin grafts and transfuse blood then jump his heart.