Sentence Examples with the word cut out

In some cases when a magneto-generator is employed for calling purposes the coil of the machine is automatically cut out of circuit when it is not in action, and is brought into circuit when the handle is turned by the operation of a centrifugal or other arrangement.

On the north-east face of the hill forty steps, cut out of solid limestone, lead upward to a small, dome-roofed recess, which contains some interesting Persian inscriptions cut in relief on the rock, recording particulars of the history of Kandahar, and defining the vast extent of the kingdom of the emperor Baber.

In width, interspersed with small chambers, all excavated at successive levels, in the they reach seven storeys), and communicate with one another by stairs cut out of the living rock.

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The modelling is of a very high order, and the one eye which remains perfect is cut out of rock crystal, with the pupil and iris marked by colours applied to the lower face of the crystal.

Apart, and the superabundant trees cut out as they begin to interfere with each other.

From the landing-place, where a mole is cut out of the rock, there is a steep ascent to the upper town, characteristically Spanish in appearance.

Then the rivets were cut out similarly at the other point of contrary flexure and the joint opened.

In Southgate is an ancient hermitage and oratory cut out of the solid rock, which dates from 1396.

It is only by actual contact that wet rot affects the surrounding good wood, and if the decayed timber is cut out the remainder of the wood will be found to be unaffected.

At one end of the trench, steps were cut out and these formed the entrance and vestibule.