Sentence Examples with the word cut into

Tery was partly cut into the desired shape in the native ledge, broken or prised loose, and afterwards scraped into form.

Podophylla with large bronzy-green leaves cut into 5 large lobes, and tall branching spikes 3 to 4 ft.

It is then cut into by the estuaries of the Vistula, the Pregel and the Memel.

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Her boss allowed her to beg off a trip that would cut into the weekend, after she complained about exhaustion fallowing our recent wedding activities.

The plate when passed as flawless was cut into the desired form and moulded as far as possible into shape, the edges where necessary being soldered.

The headwaters of a river cut into the slopes of the parent hill.

In the most primitive method thin plates of bronze were hammered over a wooden core, rudely cut into the required shape, the core serving the double purpose of giving shape to and strengthening the thin metal.

Centuries ago, North America saw a shortage of small coins, so large ones were cut into bits to circulate as small change.

At the Restoration the handle becomes broad and flat, the bowl is broad and oval and the termination is cut into the shape known as the pied de biche, or hind's foot.

In many places the hillsides, otherwise too steep for cultivation, are cut into terraced fields supported by stone walls; the name given by the Greek geographers to the range of S.