Sentence Examples with the word cut across

Head and cut across in a straight line; behind it is divided into very many small plaits, which hang down the back, and are lengthened by silken cords, and often adorned with gold coins and ornaments.

The most picturesque glen lakes, however, lie in transverse valleys, which being cut across the strike of the rocks present greater variety and, usually, abruptness of outline.

But there was another movement on foot at the same time, which cut across this political agitation in the most bewildering fashion.

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Although the flint nodules often lie in bands which closely follow the bedding, they were not deposited simultaneously with the chalk; very often the flint bands cut across the beds of the limestone and may traverse them at right angles.

Martha made the call, saying she thought she saw a girl taking a short cut across the pond.

In the drawing of Dreissensia the individual filaments f,f,f are cut across in one lamella at the A.

This class of subjects may also be fixed flat on the surface of the cutting pot, by means of little pegs or hooks, the main ribs being cut across at in tervals, and from these points roots, and eventually young tubers, will be produced (fig.