Sentence Examples with the word curved

Is mainly desert, is divided into separate basins by other bands of high ground, one of which runs nearly centrally through North Africa in a line corresponding roughly with the curved axis of the continent as a whole.

Nearly all patterns are the developments of the envelopes of geometrical solids of regular or irregular outlines, few of plane faces; when they are made up of combinations of plane faces, or of faces curved in one plane only, there is no difference in dealing with thin sheets or thick plates.

In the centre is a grass mound, raised to the height of the hedges, and on this mound is a pagoda, approached by a curved grass path.

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It is customary to have a curved sheet iron roof or bonnet when the cage is used for raising or lowering the miners, to protect them from injury by falling materials.

Pools in Britain, and also widely distributed in temperate and tropical regions, is known as horned pondweed, from the curved fruit.

And more or less curved backwards, but in the takin they are gnu-like.

The ovule is curved upon itself, so that the micropyle is near the funicle.

Of the two projections proposed by him one is a modified conical projection with curved parallels and straight meridians; in the second projection (see fig.

The flint knives of the time of Menes are finely curved (19), with a handle-notch; by the end of the lInd Dynasty they were much coarser (20) and almost straight in.

It had complete control over the Euxine grain-trade; the absence of tides and the depth of its harbour rendered its quays accessible to vessels of large burden; while the tunny and other fisheries were so lucrative that the curved inlet near which it stood became known as the Golden Horn.