Sentence Examples with the word curve

The curve BPC is generally used with the abscissae spaced more conveniently for practical applications, and a modification of the diagram by J.

Here the road was dry and only a few cars passed him before he drifted past a private hot spring, along the wide curve and by the County fairgrounds before entering Ridgway.

From any point without the curve two, and only two, tangents can be drawn; if OP, OP' be two tangents from 0, and S, S' the foci, then the angles OSP, OSP' are equal and also SOP, S'OP'.

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He announced that the curve required in the first problem must be a cycloid, and he gave a method of determining it.

The cycloid was a famous curve in those days; it had been discussed by Galileo, Descartes, Fermat, Roberval and Torricelli, who had in turn exhausted their skill upon it.

FOLIUM, in mathematics, a curve invented and discussed by Rene Descartes.

Y, hence DC is the half of OC, proving the curve to be a parabola.

He began first a short ascent, then a drop to a sharp curve he nearly missed, causing him to reduce his speed further.

In such a curve the percentage composition can be plotted horizontally and the temperature of the freezing-point vertically, as in fig.

The dotted curve for and B in fig.